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Booking Holdings Inc. is an American company organized in Delaware and based in Norwalk, Connecticut, that owns and operates several travel fare aggregators and travel fare metasearch engines including namesake and flagship,,,, Cheapflights,, Momondo, and OpenTable. It operates websites in about 40 languages and 200 countries.

A former Reservation Sales Agent do not recommend working for Traveli TRAVELJIGSAW and he shares his experience in a review he wrote for INDEED: "They say sales but it is mainly customer service. To hope to get sales, you have to be good at customer service and then they decide when they will transfer you proper sales calls. Nevertheless, there is a Cust. service department that can't be reached via the phone by customers. So you are basically cust. service 80% of your time at least. If you have been there for a long time, you have more chances to get more proper sales calls. Any mistake you make, they charge you, they do not just fix the problem, you must also give them money. In other words, you can not be a human and make a mistake, even computers do make mistakes but not humans at You come late, you lose comissions as well. Being late once is fine in the month,twice is 20% of you comissions. You may have valid reasons, unpredictable things happen in life, not their issue. Even when you leave them, they can decide not to pay you comissions because it is at their discretion. According to them, it is to motivate you, so if you leave no more need to be motivated, yeah right...Alcatraz jail is nothing compared to that place. Everything you do is watched, they are very good at putting pressure, if at least the money could follow., but it is not the case. Even your overtime is not paid on time but a month later. So you 'd better be careful that they do not forget to pay the exact amount.So many important details are not told to you such as comissions payment date (a month later), comission structure, even during traing it is not mentioned, it is once on the floor that you have to sink or swim. Money is taken off if any mistake, or lateness.All that should be mentioned during the recruitment process...They promise you tones of comissions but only few of people they select reach those comissions. It is good for people who want to do customer service mainly not for people who are true sales people only very few people made 2000£ a month and each month. I would say it is much easier to owe them money that to make money with that company which explains why most people i befriended there left, and the high employee turn over explains why there is constant recruitment in that company."


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L. S. says

"Be aware that tries to trick you into buying expensive extra services. Clicking the "book now" button will silently add extra insurance to the booking. The updated total price is only displayed on the very last page before the payment in small font in the very corner of the screen that is not visible without scrolling. So you only notice that you bought an extra service after you paid. The website is clearly built like this on purpose, to tricky you. SCAM TACTICS!"

Matthew Perkins says

"I booked my car rental online and I got a confirmation email. Within seconds I had another email to say that it had been cancelled. I called them (18:45) to query why? I got told my name 'had flagged up on their accounts departments system and they were no longer allowed to deal with me going forward and I had to ring my bank because they are holding the funds. I called my bank and advised them of the situation and how my name was apparently being 'flagged' and my card was blocked. My bank said that there was no block on the card and that the funds have been taken. So I called the company back again and told them to look in to my booking once more and look what is going on with it. He came back to say that I had failed an internal check. I asked what the check was and he said he doesn't know. I advised I just spoke to another guy and he checked with the accounts team to which the response was, our accounts team went home 2 hours ago so he couldn't have. I asked if he could ask around to see who spoke to me (it was only about 4 mins ago) to which he said no. He then went on to say 'what do you expect me to do, ring the accounts team at home' and sniggered. I see this company as damn right rude, poor and will be reporting this experience to the financial ombudsman. Apparently - I am going to get an email advising of a refund from the guy..... 1 hour later and still no email.... I don't have much hope."

Matt Brown says

"I recently booked a car through Priceline/Rentalcars for October 1st - October 5th. I was in Germany at the time I made the booking. I am a U.S. citizen. Upon my arrival to the Dollar Rent-A-Car counter I was told that my “voucher” would not be accepted because I didn’t have a foreign license. I was very confused since I’m a U.S. citizen, with a U.S. driver’s license, in the U.S. - I didn’t even know what a “voucher” was. Apparently, buried deep in the fine print was some language about needing a foreign license. Apparently this happened because I was in Europe at the time of the booking. At no point was there any prompt or extra warning of this requirement. Being that my address is in the U.S., one would assume that the site would make this clear so that I wouldn’t have any hassles at the counter. This was not the case. I was told that if I wanted a car I could book one from them at the walk-in rate, but my online reservation wouldn’t be honored, and since it was through Travel Jigsaw (a company I have never heard of), that I would have to contact them to get my refund. I then rented a car (since I had no other choice) and decided I would call Priceline/ to sort out the refund for my reservation that was not able to be honored. After not being about to get through to the customer service line for a day, I finally got through. The customer service agent told me that there was nothing he could do and would charge me for three days of rental. This was unacceptable to me so I called back to get a more helpful agent. They were also not very helpful and refused to let me talk to a manager or offer me my money back. I am still trying to get my money back with no success and am trapped in a hell of contacting Priceline/Rentalcars with no luck."

Kate Rabbidge says

"Impossible to contact, and rude staff who just don't care. I tried to modify my booking before picking up a rental car but was unable to get through to the company by phone, email or via their website or app. Finally got though after collecting car and the response was - tough luck lady, should have told us before picking up the car so we're charging you for one week despite the fact that I had the car for one day. I then had to jump through flaming hoops to get somebody in their "customer service" area to respond to a number of emails with the requiested proof that I dropped the car back early, but still their response is "too bad". When advised that I had in fact tried- for a significant amount of time - to get through to them to change my booking prior to collecting the car they literally said that's not their problem (ummmm if not theirs then who's? Their customers can't contact them!!) The rental car company I used said they have no end of trouble with them and they are hopeless - worse, they are uncaring and couldn't give a toss about their customers once they have their money. Don't use them. Just don't. Walk if you have to..... WORST COMPANY EVER!!!"

Udomsak Terananon says

"I have booked a car in Aptil to Geneva with full protection insurance with (ref no 348170444). I had an accident and just found out that I have to advance the payment and try to claim refund from later. It has been 4 days that I tried to contact them (fax, phone, online claim filing). Until now, I have got no contact from their staff. I was put on waiting line for 10 minutes when I tried to call the company on 44 16 1836 6736. This sucks. I still don't know how to reach them."

Vinod Thomas says

"Have been stuck multiple times - no car in Spain and rental cars was unable to help. They charge the deposit from you even if you want to cancel"

Juliana Sheridan says

"Terrible company. They charged my credit card MUCH MORE than the published and confirmed price, and refunded EVEN LESS than the original price on the confirmation email, and all of this prior to actually using the car. Customer service barely knows how the payment system even works, they have no idea how to answer any questions or solve any problems."

Richard Burnett says

"Customer service is non existent, they are a broker, take 100 pc of the booking fee and then when you have an issue you cannot get a reply. They trade as Beware!"

omer mutlu says

"from this site i rent a car friday evening 09/26/2014 reservation for 4 days my reservation number:372947047 i turned my car into gear otomatik approval process has been done successfully after arrival in your confirmation email did not come to me. i called this web site certainly did not help me out automatically shift car may be unable to say what can i say $45 more paying a higher class can hire a car they say me otherwise not have helped the said complaint edeca they said of curse complaining can be said...really they are not help ,such,bad,"

Sue says


Ira Abrams says

"For several years--until now--I used this company with good results to save money on US car rentals, but BEWARE! There are lots and lots of tiny little conditions any of which might allow or cause the rental car company to refuse your prepaid voucher. And when it is refused, since you have prepaid the entire cost of your rental, you are out all the money. That happened to me this weekend and the customer service agent literally laughed at me telling me I'd better learn to read contracts more carefully because I had just forfeited my money. He seemed pretty practiced at this, quoting incriminating wordage without hesitation, from memory (as far as I could tell) so I am guessing I am not the first person to be caught in this snare. The clause that got me--and I repeat, I've used this for years and never had this problem--was that the rental voucher is not valid for anyone with a US drivers' license. This doesn't pop up when you book online and I spoke to a live agent to change my reservation as well--he never mentioned that I couldn't use the voucher with a US license. It may be a change in the contract; it may be something else. According to my credit card company, they are not on solid ground legally because the product is not what it seems despite the tricky contractual language. The risk is not worth the potential savings."

Jane Delany says

"We hired a car last August-September 2012. Fair enough we were travelling from Venice, Italy into Croatia, but we clearly told the company this when we booked the car. No issues were raised. When we arrived at Venice airport, the desk was not with the other car hire firms. It took us 30 minutes and many questions, and a phonecall to traveljigsaw, to discover that instead we had to wait outside to be picked up. It felt very dubious, like some sort of illegal drugs transaction. A pleasant enough man picked us up and drove us about 5 miles away from the airport. We filled in all the paperwork, but at the last minute they asked us where we were driving to, and told us we would not be covered for insurance driving in Croatia. This was a pleasant enough local firm - it was TRAVELJIGSAW that we had booked with. When we rang them they told us no problem, return to the airport, and they would sort us out. As the local firm drove us back they warned us this was standard practice for Travel jigsaw, and that all their bookings had some issue associated with them. What ensued for the next FOUR HOURS was an absolute farce. I have never been so infuriated in all my life. If they had told us from the outset, they could not get a car for us, we could have cut our losses and gone with another company. Instead they kept (via phone) telling us to move from one queue for a car company to another...... chopping and changing......... As I got more and more tense on the phone they got ruder and ruder. Their knowledge of customer relations is non-existent. After all those ridiculous hours were up, they told us simply they could not help. Sorry. End of story. We had to hire a car at short notice ourselves which cost a small fortune An entire day of our holidays lost, and our blood pressures through the ceiling. No compensation. No apology. DO not use this company ever. i am a very frequent traveller. I have hired cars all over the world and on every single continent. I have never ever ever had such a bad experience as this one."

Jim says

"I rented a car in USA and even I had prepaid Fuel etc like all taxes I had to pay by return. Even I complained to them - they just laughed. Scammer Compagny"

Chris Morrish says

"I hired a car through their website called CarHire3000. The car hire company Hertz would not let me have the car as they claimed I was not on the electoral role. I am and I voted in May. However this is not the problem. The problem is that the TravelJigsaw website Carhire3000 will not refund me. I had NO service from them. It has been a month and they still have my money."

Jill Mills says

"We hired a car for a month in Italy through Travel Jigsaw - the renter was Locauto (another story in itself!) We took out the excess reduction policy thinking it was giving us peace of mind in case of an accident. Well, we had an accident and as per the policy, Locauto charged us the full excess of 750 euros. The problems began when we tried to claim under the damage excess policy. They told me we were not covered because the accident was NOT our fault. We had to wait and get the excess back from the local renter! This has finally happened after 4 months but totally defeated the point of the policy which was to give peace of mind in case of and accident. I CANNOT get an answer out of them as to where it stated in their terms and conditions that they will not pay out if it is a third party accident. It does not state this anywhere in the long list of exclusions. (A pretty major exclusion probably counting for more than 50% or hire car accidents!) After many frustrating phone calls between me in AUstralia and the UK, they now totally ignore my emails and seem happy that I have got my money back from Locauto on Italy. The fact that it took 4 months and hassle to do this seems to not bother them. I said I wanted answers to my simple question, "where does it state in your terms and conditions that I am not covered for a third party fault accident" and they just will not respond. In fact I find it hard to see where whey would actually pay out under this policy as one of the exclusions is "negligence" by the driver - well if an accident is your fault isn't that in some way negligence? So they may not pay out if it IS your fault too! To conclude a sorry saga we rented a car in the UK the following month (booked before we knew what problems we would have) and they messed up the voucher and didn't include the additional driver which meant we were charged by Europcar over 5 pounds a day for 30 days and this also took time to sort out after the rental, all costing money in credit card interest. Don't touch them with a barge pole! Notice that any good reviews you read are from people that had no problems at the end of their rental. The problems start if there is an issue after the end of the rental. Their customer service is diabolical. You can NEVER speak to a supervisor (they won't call you, you can't hold, you can't get a time when they will be free and I found that when I called to try and get through to the case worker, the lines were so busy you get diverted to another stream, usually people who are dealing with new rentals and know nothing of your problem and can;t transfer you to the right place. I repeat; DON'T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE!!!!!"

Ms Gillian Jenkins says

"The car and the process of hiring was good and even the return UNTIL a few days later after getting back in the UK, a further £77 was taken from our credit card. No explanation. We were expecting about £30 for mileage and tolls. I've rung Customer Services, been told a case has been raised and I would get an email confirmation 'shortly' but of course, so far nothing and that was 3 days ago. I've 'raised a case' on their website twice now and still nothing. Just read all these comments about the company Rental Cars/Travel Jigsaw and I am worried that other people have had the same problems so I will be contacting my credit card company about this. Rental Cars/Firefly or whoever they are, are quick to take the booking but the after care is non existent."

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